We have received a number of at Home cricket related activities that can be performed by our juniors. You can find these below. These are available through the icoachcricket ECB coaching platform.

In these difficult times, the ECB have opened up access to the icoachcricket to all and for free. You can register for access here, there are also icoachcricket apps available for Apple and Android platforms.

icoachcricket has hundreds of cricket practice activities available to work through, many can be followed in your back garden.

Also, check in with our Knowle Junior Cricket Instagram pages where we are also uploading coaching and practice ideas.



Catch the coin


1. Place a coin on top of a ball

2. Drop the ball

3. Catch the coin

Find it and more here

Ball explosion

Reactions and catching:

1. Place tennis balls on top of a football

2. Drop the football

3. Let it bounce

4. Catch the tennis ball

Find it and more here